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Bottom Line Up front: Know your rights as members of a residential nonprofit corporation. 

Interesting article that was shared with us today. Sharing – Bottom Line Up front:  Know your rights as members of a residential nonprofit corporation.  This attached document is sharing about your rights as members and the Colorado Statutes governing residential nonprofit corporations in case you were not aware of your rights.

Indian Hills Improvement Association is a residential nonprofit corporation in Indian Hills. Members should know their rights and if denied their rights by the board of directors of Indian Hills Improvement Association, should be asking why.

Winter Storm Warning Feb 1 2022

Snow is expected this evening with totals overnight between 7 to 14 inches of snow.



* WHAT...Snow expected. Total snow accumulations 7 to 14 inches.
Winds gusting up to 30 mph.

* WHERE...The Front Range Foothills.

* WHEN...From 2 PM this afternoon to Midnight MST Wednesday Night.

* IMPACTS...Snow covered roads will make travel hazardous. Travel
may become very difficult due to heavy snowfall on roadways.


Roads will be slick resulting in slow and hazardous travel. Allow
extra time to reach your destination.

Consider altering your travel plans. Heavy snowfall is expected to
make travel very difficult to impossible.,-105.23

Board of Health approves updated Indian Hills OWTS policy at 1/18/2022 Board of health public meeting.

The entire Board of Health meeting as recorded via Zoom from 1/18/2022 is provided. Times that are of interest concerning OWTS policy and/or public comment are:

1:04:00 – 02:27:10 Is the presentation of the new policy by JCPH, discussion and vote by the Board of Health. New Indian Hills OWTS Policy as voted unanimously by 3 Board of Health members present during the meeting.

03:52:00 – 04:18:00 Board of Health direction for Variance Case Hearings, specifically: OWTS Variances.

04:50:10 – 04:51:39 Annual Board of Health Officer elections

04:51:40 – 05:08:39 Public Comment to the Board of Health

Jeffco Mom’s, can they be trusted? A play on Dawn Comstock’s words “Moms can’t be trusted”

A podcast on what was discovered via CORA requests by concerned mom’s within Jefferson County: “A podcast on our work with CORA and our experiences with JCPH. We are always happy to share our experiences with anyone who will help share our message! Take a listen below and share to spread awareness! The title is a play on Comstock’s words that “Moms can’t be trusted.” That’s right- we can’t be trusted to keep quiet! 😀

Here is the podcast:

Join Jeffco Kids First –


When – Wednesday January 19 – * WHAT…Freezing drizzle and light snow expected.…/co/evergreen/KCOEVERG145…WINTER WEATHER ADVISORYISSUED: 2:49 PM JAN. 18, 2022 – NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE…WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 5 AM TO 8 PM MST WEDNESDAY.

..* WHAT…Freezing drizzle and light snow expected. Total snow accumulation up to one inch and ice accumulations up to a tenth of an inch

* WHERE…Portions of central, east central, north central, and northeast Colorado.

* WHEN…From 5 AM to 8 PM MST Wednesday. Worst conditions in themorning.

* IMPACTS…Icy roads will make travel very difficult. Plan onslippery road conditions. The hazardous conditions could impactthe Wednesday morning and evening commutes.

PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS…Slow down and use caution while traveling. The latest road conditions for Colorado can be obtained by calling 5 1 1 or by going to Roads will be slick resulting in slow and hazardous travel. Allow extra time to reach your destination

Sidewalks may be icy and very slippery.

SNOW in the forecast!

Finally, snow is in the forecast. Friday December 10th – wunderground is forecasting 3.4inches of snow for Indian Hills!

Indian Hills Christian Fellowship Church votes to dissolve.

After Sunday services, August 8 2021, Indian Hills Christian Fellowship Church held a business meeting.  The two remaining deacons had brought forth a motion under section XI of the Indian Hills Christian Fellowship Church to dissolve the church and to turn over all assets to Converge Rocky Mountain.  Prior to voting on the motion by the deacons, one of the members moved for an alternative motion to remove the two deacons and allow the membership to work together and rebuild the local Christian church.  After much discussion, a vote was taken on the motion to remove the two deacons and rebuild the church, the motion failed to pass with 4 against and 3 in support of the motion.   That was then followed up by a vote on the motion brought forth by the two deacons, to dissolve the IHCF Church and turn over all property and assets to Converge Rocky Mountain.  The vote was taken and passed 12 to 2, immediately dissolving Indian Hills Christian Fellowship Church and transferring ownership of all assets.   To contact Converge Rocky Mountain please go to site:

Jefferson County Board of Health releases Draft update to the Indian Hills OWTS Resolution and Policy

For many years if not decades, a large group of very concerned Indian Hills residents have been working very closely with the Jefferson County Board Of Health to improve upon the situation concerning OWTS Density and the negative effect overloading of nitrate can have on water within the community.

The community has been asking for an updated policy that eliminates the randomly selected dates within the infamous table “4-1” in current OWTS policy by the Board of Health and more to a more science based approach. Over the recent years, with changes on the Board of Health, many of the new Board members also have asked for a more science based approach in regards to OWTS Density. This has taken years of effort by so many within the Indian Hills community. Concerned citizens working all together for the same common goal.

On July 20, 2021, the Environmental Health Services Division presented a draft Indian Hills OWTS Resolution and Policy to the Board of Health, moving to a new science based approach.

Following the Jefferson County Board Of Health meeting held on July 20, 2021 and upon a request from a local Indian Hills resident, Steve Hosie, the attached Draft Indian Hills OWTS Resolution and Policy was released. Along with the document was a note (dated July 20, 2021) in response to the request as shared below from Mr. Jim Rada, Environmental Health Services Division Director:

Hello all,

At Steve’s request below, I’m sharing the draft BOH Resolution and BOH Policy that was shared with the Board of Health this evening and approved to move into a public comment period.  The formal announcement will be forthcoming and we will be opening a page on the website for people to enter their comments.  We will also be publicizing this effort widely in an attempt to gain as much input as possible from residents and property owners across the Parmalee Gulch watershed.  We are very aware that what has been prepared at this point is not perfect and likely needs additional clarifying information and perhaps some changes, but we believe that it begins to align with many of the ideas that have been presented in the past. 

That said, the Board has also expressed interest in holding a listening session in the Indian Hills Community within the month or so.  This will give community members an opportunity to voice opinions and concerns as well as to offer ideas.

We look forward to this public engagement process and working with you and all of the Indian Hills Community.

Thank you,

Jim Rada

Environmental Health Services Division Director

Jefferson County Public Health

Indian Hills Improvement Association Board Meeting 06/03/2021

The Indian Hills Improvement Association Board of Directors met this evening from 7pm to 9pm. The most important business that resulted from the meeting was nominating candidates for next months Election to fill four board seats. As of this evening, there are 10 candidate (Volunteers) members of Indian Hills Improvement Association will get to select from to fill four vacant seats. Name of those candidates will be posted soon. Next month members will hold an election. Stay tuned for more details as well as when the election date will be. is the website for IHIA.