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Board of Health approves updated Indian Hills OWTS policy at 1/18/2022 Board of health public meeting.

The entire Board of Health meeting as recorded via Zoom from 1/18/2022 is provided. Times that are of interest concerning OWTS policy and/or public comment are:

1:04:00 – 02:27:10 Is the presentation of the new policy by JCPH, discussion and vote by the Board of Health. New Indian Hills OWTS Policy as voted unanimously by 3 Board of Health members present during the meeting.

03:52:00 – 04:18:00 Board of Health direction for Variance Case Hearings, specifically: OWTS Variances.

04:50:10 – 04:51:39 Annual Board of Health Officer elections

04:51:40 – 05:08:39 Public Comment to the Board of Health