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Jefferson County Board of Health releases Draft update to the Indian Hills OWTS Resolution and Policy

For many years if not decades, a large group of very concerned Indian Hills residents have been working very closely with the Jefferson County Board Of Health to improve upon the situation concerning OWTS Density and the negative effect overloading of nitrate can have on water within the community.

The community has been asking for an updated policy that eliminates the randomly selected dates within the infamous table “4-1” in current OWTS policy by the Board of Health and more to a more science based approach. Over the recent years, with changes on the Board of Health, many of the new Board members also have asked for a more science based approach in regards to OWTS Density. This has taken years of effort by so many within the Indian Hills community. Concerned citizens working all together for the same common goal.

On July 20, 2021, the Environmental Health Services Division presented a draft Indian Hills OWTS Resolution and Policy to the Board of Health, moving to a new science based approach.

Following the Jefferson County Board Of Health meeting held on July 20, 2021 and upon a request from a local Indian Hills resident, Steve Hosie, the attached Draft Indian Hills OWTS Resolution and Policy was released. Along with the document was a note (dated July 20, 2021) in response to the request as shared below from Mr. Jim Rada, Environmental Health Services Division Director:

Hello all,

At Steve’s request below, I’m sharing the draft BOH Resolution and BOH Policy that was shared with the Board of Health this evening and approved to move into a public comment period.  The formal announcement will be forthcoming and we will be opening a page on the website for people to enter their comments.  We will also be publicizing this effort widely in an attempt to gain as much input as possible from residents and property owners across the Parmalee Gulch watershed.  We are very aware that what has been prepared at this point is not perfect and likely needs additional clarifying information and perhaps some changes, but we believe that it begins to align with many of the ideas that have been presented in the past. 

That said, the Board has also expressed interest in holding a listening session in the Indian Hills Community within the month or so.  This will give community members an opportunity to voice opinions and concerns as well as to offer ideas.

We look forward to this public engagement process and working with you and all of the Indian Hills Community.

Thank you,

Jim Rada

Environmental Health Services Division Director

Jefferson County Public Health


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