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More Constitutional Rights – Affirmed

Constitutional rights – affirmed.

For the full story:

In her comments to the board that night, she said, she was trying to hold the town accountable for breaking the state’s open meeting law, a violation that the state attorney general’s office had confirmed. “I know it’s not easy to be volunteers in town, but breaking the law is breaking the law,” she said at the lectern in the mostly empty chamber, holding a homemade sign that said “STOP SPENDING” on one side and “STOP BREAKING OPEN MEETING LAW” on the other.

After a board member, Daniel L. Kolenda, cut her off and accused her of “slander” against “town officials who are doing their very best,” Ms. Barron told him, “Look, you need to stop being a Hitler. You’re a Hitler. I can say what I want.”

Ms. Barron was merely exercising her constitutional rights and calling out people who were breaking the law. Imagine speaking up against your local small town board or local charity board for failing to honor the legal rights of the citizens, residents, or members based upon the actual laws and their constitutional rights, only to be shut down, or attacked in person on social media.

Good to see the courts affirmed the individuals constitutional rights in the case.


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