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Indian Hills resident and member of IHIA requests for IHIA Board members to stop attacking residents.

The Past President of the Indian Hills Improvement Association (IHIA) appointed a director when a vacancy was available. This person was elected to the position in 2021. Ever since then, multiple residents of Indian Hills have been attacked within vicious emails and via Social Media posts by this director and other members of the IHIA Board of Directors.

Recently, a lifetime member of IHIA attended the Feb 2022 meeting and attempted to address this specific concern about this director to the President of the Board during public comment. What happened next was shocking. As seen within Facebook and social media posts, the member who brought forth the concerns has been attacked with false accusations. The resident and member of Indian Hills had recorded that meeting. received the following regarding those concerns, where the resident and member formally addressed concerns with the IHIA Board President.

At the Feb 2022 IHIA meeting, The member stood before the board and asked for the verbal attacks by board members to stop. However, after the meeting, those attacks just increased. Many other members of IHIA and residents of Indian Hills have been attacked and smeared as well, in what is believed to be an active smear campaign from IHIA Board member(s) against residents. Other residents and members are starting to question, is this the type of Directors IHIA needs? Instead of following the IHIA bylaws and respecting and honoring members’ legal rights under Colorado law, they attack residents.

Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) 7-136-102 has been pointed out by multiple IHIA members where the majority of the IHIA Board of directors has no regard for.

We have been provided the entire recording of Feb 2022 meeting and are actively reviewing it. Validation has been done on the transcribed statements within the attached document, where an analogy was used.
Residents and members are upset that the current state of affairs where IHIA Board member(s) attack residents via emails, social media, etc.

This is a provided email between one of the lifetime members and residents of Indian Hills, and the IHIA Board President, Ray Todd. More details will be added as they become available.


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