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Time for Election of Indian Hills Improvement Association Board of Directors

3 Board seats out of 9 are up for election. It is time to elect new directors for the 3 open positions, directors who are not closely tied to existing directors.

“Let’s hope for no more nepotism within the board of directors.” some members of IHIA have stated.

In the past year, did the IHIA Directors follow the IHIA Bylaw requirements when they were elected a year ago? It would appear the existing board of directors ignored the remaining election committee members, where the election committee is a standing committee according to the IHIA Bylaws. Additionally, it does also appear many of the IHIA board members are continuing to deny the legal rights of IHIA members for no apparent reason. Multiple IHIA members requested a copy of the officially recorded public board of directors meeting from Jan 2022, where the board secretary very publicly announced the meeting was being recorded, and the board is denying access to that official record of IHIA. Additionally, members have requested to inspect and copy other IHIA records, exercising the legal Colorado statutory rights for members of a residential nonprofit corporation. Multiple members are being denied their legal rights for no legal reasons provided to date. IHIA is a residential nonprofit corporation and the board, and even as volunteers the board of directors is obligated to follow the Colorado laws.

Who to vote for? Many in the Valley have considered the ballot and are openly supporting the following:

Mike Cunningham, Owen Walker and Linda Pilion to be the elected for the 3 open seats on the IHIA Board of Directors.


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